brix.green is a Danish company with subsidiaries in all Nordic countries. We invest throughout the Nordics with the establishment of battery containers that will participate in the energy and flexibility markets for the implementation of electrification of society. Our goal is to contribute with the green pieces in society for electrification, and through this help to ensure that together we can meet the UN’s sustainability goals.

brix.green takes care of the entire value chain to establish battery containers with our partners, typically industrial enterprises, educational institutions and businesses that focus on climate. Our partners can also have their own production through solar and wind.
brix.green has established a separate method for effectively establishing battery containers in the right places in the grid. We enter into partnership agreements with players who will contribute to the electrification of society, and at the same time help share the financial gains from participating in the frequency markets to support electrification.

brix.green takes the responsibility for technical review of relevant locations for setup, project development, applications to grid companies, installation and operation. We work closely with our partners to operate a good delivery model.

brix.green invests itself in the establishment phase, and assumes all risk and costs in project development. In the case of a completed project, e.g. 5-50 MW installed battery portfolio, we invite investors to take part in up to 50% ownership in our investment companies.

brix.green has established a solid economic and financial platform to scale the model quickly throughout the Nordics.

brix.green has established a strategic collaboration with Capture Energy regarding the delivery, installation and service of our battery container installations.

Contact: CEO/ Partner, Morten Hagen, morten@brix.green +4797124806