Our business model is based on the UN sustainability goals no. 7, 9 and 17. Especially no. 17 – Partnership for Action. Our aim is to assist our partners in the ongoing electrification of the Nordic countries.

For us, partnership is based on openness and trust. We share the economic upsides by participating in the frequency markets and combine this with other markets and services to strengthen our common economic platform.

We work actively with our suppliers to ensure good and predictable deliveries, which means that we always have sufficient capacity for delivery of battery containers and other technical equipment. We work closely with local installers to ensure reliable delivery with local expertise during implementation, and we are ready to meet high demand quickly. Feel free to contact us if you want to enter into a partnership with us.

The partnership with the places where we install the battery containers is an important part of our business model. Read more about how to get in touch with us if you want to enter into a partnership with us in the different topics within Partnership. We offer the possibility of revenue sharing and the possibility of using more services related to the installation. We enter into long-term agreements that ensure predictability for all parties.