INVEST IN A GREENER FUTURE makes it easier for companies that want to take part in the exciting flexibility market. We have specialized in establishing and operating good investments with battery container installations in the Nordic region. has built a robust business model, and invites investment companies to take part in our investments, where the frequency market (FFR, FCR) in the Nordic region is the main focus. offers co-ownership in our investment companies.

We set up investment companies that own 5-20 MW installations with battery containers. The installations are transferred to the investment company once they have been approved and are in operation. We have thus eliminated risk for our partners and ensure a quick return on investment.

When investing in our companies, all battery containers are actively traded in the market. To ensure good financial management, we carry out portfolio management that provides lower risk and greater opportunity for gains in the market.

The principle for investing in our companies is the market price of battery containers. Based on this, the following additional costs are made based on this market price: owns 50% of the companies, external investors own the rest. Other models can be negotiated with selected players. The investment company is set up with a perspective of approx. 15-20 years. The investment company has an active dividend strategy with ongoing payment of 80% of free capital. Based on historical prices in the frequency markets in Denmark and Sweden for 2022, the dividend would amount to approx. 35% of invested capital. Payment of dividends in the investment company is dependent on actual prices for turnover from the frequency markets, read more about expectations for income in the markets here. exercises portfolio management of the total fleet of our battery containers, this means that we reduce risk for all our investors, and create equal conditions across the investment companies with external owners. has agreements with several market traders which mean that we move management at all times to where we see the best possible income for our investment companies.

The companies are established with the perspective of subscribing for shares 3-12 months before the company is to be operational. External shareholders can subscribe for the desired number of shares. Contact us today to discuss investment opportunities in our investment companies. Contact chairman Frederik Skarstein, tel: +47 412 78 278

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